A One Act Sexual Comedy in Four Scenes



MISS WATSON Any age between 25 and 35: attractive but not conventionally attractive.
SAM LANG A big, well-dressed, self-made businessman of 40. He has modelled himself so ostentatiously upon executives in cheap American films that it takes a while to notice his intelligence.
TEDDY A brisk assistant manager of 25.
MRS. MILDREN The accountant: a neat, homely woman of forty-five.
MRS. LANG A pretty, faded, fashionably dressed, nervous woman. Her accent and manners indicate a more genteel background than her husband.

SAM LANG's office. A large desk stands against a large decoration of Chinese dragons in red, black and gold. The desk has two telephones and a Chinese statuette of an old man with long whiskers. In a desk drawer, a switch that activates a recording of voices, with sawing or hammering noises. Before the desk are three low easy chairs around a coffee table. There are two doors, one of them the entrance, the other leading to a small cloakroom-toilet.

There are four scenes. The only change of set is from the second onwards, when a small table with typewriter and 'in' and 'out' trays stands at an angle toward the desk.