Poem: Alasdair Gray © 2005



I woke to find pain laid on a bare bed with me,
so near, his head, cut in pale stone, was my head,
his brain my brain,
and I could not resign my thoughts to that proximity.
He was so close a company he felt like loneliness.

I tried at length to know a door to make him leave by,
.........................a bribe to make him go,
but oh my dear, he grins
from everywhere I look, at everything I do.
I meet his image where I once met you.
He feeds at every meal, beckons down every street
and yet could not withstand
one pressure of your hand.

Come back to me soon. I am changing without you.
My mind turns cold and luminous like a moon.
Keys, coins, receipts accumulate in my pockets.
I grow calm and brutal on beer and thick meat.