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T A B L E .O F .C O N T E N T S

Section One: In a Cold Room
Image between the Whiles

image Inge Sorensen

image to Lyric light
image naked man sitting at table with another man's head face up on it the breath from the head flows into the page
LINES REVIEW published the verses here called Unfit in the winter of 1962-63, those called Vacancy in the summer of 1963; GLASGOW UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE published To Andrew, Before One in March 1971; THE GLASGOW REVIEW Not Striving in the summer of 1972; the Strathclyde University poetry magazine STRATA published Cowardly, Lost Absence and The Thinker in their winter-spring number of 1984; the Scottish broadsheet CLANJAMFRIE published Cowardlyimage mirror image of man at table with head they are back to back with text between
about the same time; CHAPMAN magazine published the whole 1952-57 sequence in its fiftieth edition, winter of 1987; PROSPICE the 1957-61 sequence in the summer of 1988; WEST COAST MAGAZINE published Lyrical in the summer of 1988; the GLASGOW HERALD and BETE NOIR the 1961-71 sequence in the autumn of 1988.

Some of the illustrations are from a set made in 1969-71 with help from a Scottish Arts Council grant,
and are reproduced by permission of Glasgow Hunterian Museum.
This digital collection copyright Alasdair Gray 2006

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