10 BIBLICAL THEMES (shuffled like dreams)

Poem: Alasdair Gray © 2005


Bright guileless Jesus trundles

astride toy donkey, jaunty snake on head.


In a jungle cave Lots randy daughters fumble

their drunken dad in bed.


The prodigal returns to see or become what

Seems a small stiff baby in a glass case or cot.


Saint Francis, elephant masked, addresses two

dangerously huge white pigeons without seeing them,

beside lines suggesting King Herod and a bamboo shoot

without necessarily being them.


Sebastian, much punctured, between a branchless trunk

and two people who branch like trees,

is tied to them all by very thick snakes

in an air like black and white crumbling cheese.


Burning bush. In a frame of eyes Moses flees

like a small boy with a mad dog at his tail.


Crucifixion. Jesus skips off having detached

at least one penetrating nail.